Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Make It Myself: Deodorant

I got a private message this week asking me how I make my own bread.

I got a private message about 3 weeks ago asking how I make my own soap.

I got a message about a month ago asking me for my recipe to make my own mayonnaise.

So, I decided to start a new blog series called: I make it myself.  I don't know how consistently I will post, but I hope to write the posts as people ask me whatever it is I am currently making myself.

Yesterday I ran out of deodorant and was scraping the last of it out of my container this morning, so I said, I MUST make some more deodorant today!  So, even though no one asked, I will write about making your own deodorant.

I started making my own deodorant because I read somewhere about the connection between aluminum and Alzheimers and breast cancer.  It got me to thinking about smearing aluminum in my armpit every day, maybe several times a day since puberty.  That would be already about 35 years now!

So I googled how to make my own deodorant.

I found: A Sonoma Garden

I have adjusted the recipe somewhat.  I use less baking soda because it can scratch the skin and leave a rash.  Some people prefer to use all organic ingredients. You can use also arrowroot instead of corn starch.  I am cheap, so I am currently just using corn starch, but I will probably switch eventually.

Homemade Deodorant

3 T. shea butter
2 T. cocoa butter, grated fine (a micro-planer works well.  I grate a bunch into a plastic container for future use.)
1 t. olive oil or coconut oil (for a softer, spreadable texture. Omit for jamming into a "bar" dispenser.)
2 1/2 T. baking soda
2 T. corn starch or arrowroot
5-10 drops of vitamin E (or 2 gel caps squeezed in)
3 probiotic pill-powder (open capsule and mix in)
1/4 t. essential oil of your choice for fragrance (I am currently using fragrance oils because it is what I have.)

All these amounts are rough.  I grate the cocoa butter fine; I mush the shea butter into a tablespoon; both I would consider heaping tablespoons.  Melt butters and oil in a glass bowl or measuring cup in microwave (or on stove), add baking soda and corn starch.  Stir until completely combined. When no longer hot to the touch, add vitamin E, probiotic, and scented oil. Makes about 1/4 pint.  Put in fridge to set up, then keep on shelf at room temp for easy application.  I take about a dime size amount and smear it on with my fingers after I shower.  I do know some friends who make it harder (probably with more cocoa butter) and mash it into an old deodorant container to apply.)

Keeps me smelling.....or rather NOT smelling all day long, even without reapplication!  Aluminum deodorants never worked so well.


  1. How does this work as an antiperspirant? It's one thing to smell nice, but I'd also like to avoid those unsightly sweat marks during the summer.

    1. I would say about as well as regular anti-perspirant on a hot day. The corn-starch absorbs moisture, the baking soda and pro-biotic neutralize odors.