Monday, August 3, 2009

More About Me

Well, as one of my first posts, I guess I should explain a little about who I am , or maybe I am supposed to put that in a sidebar somewhere? Whatever....ooops. I told my son to stop saying, "whatever" because it was dismissive and disrespectful!

I am a wife of almost 20 years (in just a few weeks!) to Stephen Brock. He is a web-developer, with a company that he formerly co-owned. I don't think he likes managing people, so he is happy to be a "worker bee" in the company now. He really likes his work and I am glad of that. He is a good provider ; )

I am a mother to 4 children, ages 16, 14, 12, and 7. I am sure they will come into more detail later.

I homeschool my children. See, I knew they would come up again.

I am an artist. I actually was on artistic sabbatical for about 15 years and have finally taken up the watercolor brushes again. I don't have my own camera though, so I need to rely on one of my children to let me take pictures of my paintings. So, sorry, no visual accompaniment, but maybe later. The title sunflower watercolor is one of my pieces. My husband and I both graduated from RISD.

I am a gardener. I don't really see this as a label for myself, but I guess it has become one. I do have a very prolific garden. My husband comments on it's craziness every year. I guess it is a talent/skill that has grown over the years. I tend to notice my gardening failures more than the successes....this year, too much rain, probably a poor tomato crop. Too bad because that was what I was planning on stocking for the winter - sauce and salsa are staples in our home!

Oh, and I am a Christian. That is the overarching definition of who I am. It IS who I am.


  1. Love the sunflower picture. I'm looking forward to reading this blog--you're bookmarked! :)

  2. Now you have to put farmer instead of just gardener.